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Otto engine

The Otto engine is the first realized four-stroke internal combustion engine, created by Nikolaus August Otto in 1876. Globally, this internal combustion engine is the most widespread, and because of its fuel, gasoline, it is more commonly called a gasoline engine.


It is characterized by four beats:


  • drawing the mixture into the cylinder

    • intake valve open

    • mostly gasoline-air mixture

    • the piston goes down

  • compression

    • valves closed

    • self-ignition does not occur! 

    • the piston goes up

  • explosion and expansion

    •  valves closed

    • the spark plug ignites the mixture (shortly before the peak - pre-ignition)

    • with high gas pressure (expansion) the piston upgoes towards

  • exhaust

    • exhaust valve open - usually a little before bottom dead center

    • flue gases leave

    • the piston upgoes towards

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