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Torque and power

The Diesel engine has become popular among the currently running large commercial vehicle engines mainly due to its high torque, high performance and excellent efficiency.

The efficiency of our Miller-cycle LPG engine, created during the conversion, reaches the efficiency of a diesel engine, but its torque and performance fall short of the original Diesel engine:


The diagram shows the MAN D20 and the Miller cycle LPG engine together. The completely different torque, power and speed ranges are clearly visible:

  • the MAN torque:

    • size(2,100 Nm) it results from the 2.5 times turbo charging

    • but it breaks after 1,400 revolutions, because the diesel could no longer burn

  • the LPG torque (850 Nm) is much lower, but almost constant

  • MAN reaches its maximum performance at 1,400 rpm, LPGmotor performance, on the other hand, is directly proportional to the speed

  • The maximum output of the MAN is 310 kW, the LPG 220 kW

                                      these tooz adapts.


The gears of the gearbox are well suited for the LPG engine, it can also go up the biggest hills, just at a lower speed. 

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