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Converting a diesel vehicle to pure LPG

The conversion is NOT a serial conversion, but a UNIQUE conversion

The serial conversion license is a long,  a complicated and expensive official procedure and must be licensed separately for each type (e.g. MAN TGA, MAN TGX, etc.).


It is easier and faster to obtain an individual permit. This is issued by the county traffic authority, so there is no need to get a serial license at a higher level.

Part of the permit is the CONVERSION DOCUMENTATION, which is prepared by a professional engineer specifically for the given vehicle.

We convert diesel heavy vehicles with an expired warranty or older ones to a pure LPG gas engine and at the same time the vehicle is a 

As a first step, the vehicle is fully inspected:

  • traffic safety test: preliminary technical test

  • engine diagnostics:

  • electronic diagnostics

  • external visual inspection: checking cooling system, oil seals

  • performance brake bench measurement: maximum torque, maximum power, consumption

  • compression end pressure measurement

  • functional examination of the superstructure​


  • Presentation of the inspection results to the customer. Consultation on further tasks.

  • Contract conclusion.

  • Repair of possible errors that we cannot solve in a specialist workshop.

  • Preparation of individual conversion technical documentation for 6/1990. (IV. 12.) In accordance with the provisions of the KöHÉM decree, with the involvement of a specialist engineer.

  • Submission of a conversion request to the county traffic authority where the operator is based.

  • After the permission has been granted, the transformation can begin.


The main steps of the transformation:

  • packaging:

    • diesel fuel supply system (fuel tank, fuel pump, high-pressure fuel pump, injector, turbocharger, EGR valve, exhaust gas treatment system, exhaust brake)

  • conversion:

    • cylinder head, piston, camshaft, valve cover

  • newly installed:

    • spark ignition, new LPG engine controller, LPG tank(s), LPG reducer, LPG reducer preheating system, LPG filters, LPG injectors, electronic butterfly valve, lambda probes, EGR cooler clone, turbo clone,  electric distribution box (above the valve cover), parts holding structures, new intake manifold, exhaust connector, intake pipe connector, remote sensor system 

  • Adjustment, test drive, preparation for official technical examination.



  • Technical examination at the county traffic authority where the operator is based.

  • Delivery of the vehicle to the customer.

  • 3-year warranty for the conversion.

  • In the traffic license, it is a purely LPG gas plant

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