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Euro0-6 emission standards and pure LPG operation


Euro emission standards have clearly decreased over the last 30 years (top left image).


This emission norm should not be confused with the environmental protection class registered in traffic (lower left image).


The                                                          they depend on what:

  • the motor of the vehicle:

    • Otto engine, i.e. spark ignition (PI)

    • Diesel engine, i.e. compression ignition (CI)

  • its design:

    • passenger car

    • heavy duty vehicle


Various standard  international methods apply

                                        ;       ESC, ELR, WHSC methods).

These are not measured during a technical test, but before the start of series production. Thisafter that, the vehicle's engine will not be measured according to the norm.

The manufacturers undertake to e.g. in the case of heavy vehicles classified as N3 and M3, if the use and maintenance are correct, then for 7 years, or up to 700 ekm, the emission standards

  • Who checks that the usage is correct? - There is no general rule or instruction.

  • Who checks that the maintenance is correct? - There is no general rule or instruction.

  • What happens after 7 years?- There is no general rule or instruction.

In view of all this, however, a vehicle may not participate in traffic if:

  • it can be read from the OBD system that the exhaust gas management system is not working correctly ("check engine")

  • if the OBD system is not the factory version and it was replaced or modified without permission


In the technical exam, a 


Our modified LPG engine is relevant

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