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Environmental protection departments

In accordance with the EU legal harmonization, motor vehicles are subject to the 6/1990. (IV. 12.) Based on the KöHÉM decree, it must be classified in an environmental protection class. 

This is not to be confused with the emission standard Euro0-6.

The environmental protection class is based on the emission norm, but the legislator made an exception with classification 5.

Reasons for this:

  • some vehicles emit zero harmful substances 

    • purely electric

    • other zero emissions

  • in case of pure gas operation

    • the most dangerous, i.e. the emission of solid harmful substances is practically zero 

  • hybrid vehicles

    •  they have the best energy efficiency


With our technology  converted diesel vehicle is placed in category 5:


Jól látható, hogy az egyes környezetvédelmi kategóriák közti különbség független attól, hogy gyorsforgalmi út, vagy főútvonal.

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