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Cost savings

AdBlue cost = 0 

Euro5-6 diesel engines are mandatorythe the                                                        

AdBlue liquid consumption is typically 4-8% of diesel consumption (there are some unclear details here). Most consumption calculators calculate  5% consumption. Let's count on that.


The price of AdBlue varies quite a bit. One of the main ingredients of AdBlue is urea, which can be produced from natural gas. This clearly follows: if the price of natural gas rises, so will the additive. Due to high natural gas prices in 2021, the largest plants started to limit production or simply stopped taking new orders, and there were even companies that stopped production entirely due to rising costs. Incidentally, the largest such plant is a plant in southern Slovakia, which supplies most of Europe. There is currently no quantity limit, but the price still depends on the price of natural gas.


The price of AdBlue is currently HUF 280-500/liter gross, depending on the well network. If we calculate the lowest price, then the cost of AdBlue for a diesel vehicle with an annual consumption of 30,000 liters is:


30,000 × 5% × HUF 280 = HUF 420,000

Our converted pure LPG engine does not require AdBlue, so this expense can be saved entirely.

If we take into account that the AdBlue system of a Euro5 vehicle is quite prone to failure, then the cost of repairing it is several hundred thousand forints.


It may happen:

  • Lack of AdBlue additive like in 2021? 

  • Loss due to a possible failure of your vehicle's AdBlue system?

    • Environmental fines, repairs, re-examination, lost time


In the case of a purely LPG plant, these questions cannot even arise.

With us, you can safely drive your vehicle in the direction of a greener future.

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