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Cost savings

Fuel cost savings

Fuel cost savings depend on several factors:

  • constant factors: 

    • the density of diesel (0.85 kg/liter) and LPG (0.55 kg/liter).

    • heating value of diesel (43 MJ/kg) and LPG (46 MJ/kg).

  • variable factors: the current price of diesel and LPG

Since the efficiency of the converted and the original Diesel-​ engine is the same, if the price of LPG is 0.55/0.85 × 46/43 = 69% of the price of diesel, there is no saving.  If, on the other hand, the price of LPG is much lower than diesel 69%, then it already results in significant cost savings.

The graph below shows the price savings of diesel fuel after the conversion, for example in the case of HUF 570/liter gas and HUF 275/liter LPG gross fuel prices:

In our case, the üfuel cost savings HUF 110/liter.

If a vehicle used to refuel 30,000 liters of diesel per year, then after the conversion, it will:

110 × 30,000 = HUF 3,300,000 is the annual savings. 

An operator is obviously aware of the annual fuel consumption, so we only provide information on how the annual fuel consumption develops according to the annual mileage and average consumption:

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